Subtropical crops

There are a number of primary subtropical crops grown in Israel – mango, oil olives, lychee, loquat and more. Mango growing in the region constitutes 90% of mangoes grown in Israel.
This year (2015) the research will focus mainly on mango and to a small extent on lychee and olives.
Mango was established as a central crop in the area around the Sea of Galilee, and constitutes an important component of the growers’ incomes in this region.

The Main research topics for subtropical crops:

1. Stable fertility and improved crop management for a range of mango varieties including improved water-use efficiency.
2. Plant protection – while maintaining environmentally-friendly management.
3. Fruit quality – including post-transportation and shelf life.
4. Improving varieties and their diversification – a constant process that completely changed the branch in the last decade and enables growing for target markets.




Reuven Dor