Field Crops and Vegetables

Field crops and vegetables in open fields were one of the first branches of agriculture in the Golan, the Hula Valley and the Western Galilee. Therefore, research in these branches is an integral part of Northern R&D's operation. It includes many crops – winter crops (wheat, oats, alfalfa, clover, onions, garlic), summer crops (sunflowers, peanuts, cotton, chickpeas, watermelon, Setaria), crops for the food industry (potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, corn, beans) and more.

Northern R&D’s activity also includes unique applied research projects with beneficial insects (Black Soldier Fly), and control of plants that hinder tourism (Water Lettuce).

The main research topics for field crops and vegetables:

1. Plant protection – a strong emphasis on minimizing the use of pesticides in crop management, adopting the integrated approach for dealing with a large variety of pests and diseases in the different crops.
2. Identifying improved varieties of different crops by participating in national multi-year variety testing programs.
3. Assessing new crops that are suited to northern Israel.
4. Assessing agro-technical improvements for weed control.

Research on field crops and vegetables in Northern R&D employs 3 researchers who hold PhDs, supported by technicians and research students from the different plant fields.
The main research is conducted at experimental farms in the north – the Crop Farm and Research Center in the Hula Valley, Avnei Eitan Farm in the southern Golan and Akko Experimental Farm.
In addition, many research studies and experiments are conducted in the growers’ fields.
The researchers’ work is conducted in close cooperation with the crop-growing instructors from the Agricultural Extension Service, with researchers specializing in field crops and vegetables from around the country, and of course with the farming population.
Each year professional conferences on the different crops take place in the Hula Valley, in which research progress in the branch is presented.




Shimon Zait