The animal branch was one of the first agricultural branches in the north.
It includes dairy farming, beef cattle, small ruminants, meat-producing chickens, egg-laying chickens, edible fish and more.
Despite the great diversity of this field, the activity of Northern R&D is relatively minimal, and in recent years has focused on the beef cattle branch. The research is conducted at the Karei Deshe Experimental Farm and on beef herds in the Galilee and Golan Heights.

The main research topics for beef cattle:

• Herbaceous pasture – consumption efficiency, species diversity, use of shade in pasture and more.
• Diseases in cattle - ticks
• Improving the cattle-growing regime – introducing remote monitoring technologies, minimizing predator damage.

The research studies are conducted in close cooperation with the breeding instructors of the Agricultural Extension Service, with beef cattle researchers from Neve Ya’ar and the Volcani Center, and of course with the cattle growers.
Each year, Northen R&D organizes professional conferences on beef cattle which provide an opportunity for the cattle growers to meet and learn, during which research progress in this branch is presented.
Currently there are no animal researchers employed by Northern R&D and efforts are being made to recruit researchers in the future.




Shimon Zait