Professional Lectures

Lecture by Marcel Vance - Growing an apple in Australia

Management of radiation interfaces in agriculture - Sunnyside APV summit 2022

Quinoa as a new crop - Dr. Lior Rubinovich

Research Activity Report 2021 - Dr. Omer Krain

Quinoa seminar as a fodder crop

Prof. Rafi Stern - Tumors in geometric water to bring about the ripening of the fruit

Dr. Lior Rubinovich and Dr. Aviv Asher - young quinoa

Dr. Amber Hill - The Mediterranean Fly Exam "Hotspots"

Apple design in South Africa by Anton Müller

Jaundice in the stones by Dr. Rakefet Sharon

New planting in the apple by Shimon Antman

Holistic regional coping with deciduous pests by Dr. Miriam Zilberstein

Soil diseases in field crops by Dr. Mary Daphne Yellin

Peony - Temperature control in soil cultivation - Menashe Cohen

Receipt of color at Cripps Pink by Dr. Omar Krain

Soil fatigue disease by Dr. Navot Galpaz

Nuclear Introduction Program by Galit Radel

Dealing with Climate Extreme Events in Avocados by Dr. Lior Rubinovich

Late irrigation of a wine vineyard by Dr. Omer Krain

Apple thinning by Dr. Omar Krain

Quinoa Feeding by Dr. Aviv Asher

Effect of lighting on cattle and sheep by Dr. Aviv Asher

Anarchy in the cores by Carmit Super Arad

The disqualification of the pear by Carmit Super Arad

Quinoa as a new field crop by Dr. Lior Rubinovich

Improving avocado powder by Prof. Rafi Stern

Dealing with the apple moth by Dr. Rakefet Sharon

Opening and design of the current and future orchard - Dr. Omar Krain