Northern Research and Development (Northern R&D) acts as a center for research and development of agricultural production in the northern region; it operates throughout the northern part of Israel – a climatically diverse region. Northern R&D deals with a range of fields, mostly among the various plant departments – deciduous orchards, subtropical species, wine grapes, citrus orchards, vegetables, field crops, flowers and edible mushrooms.
Northern R&D works in partnership with Migal – an institute of life sciences in Kiryat Shmona – with strong cooperation between researchers from Migal and from Northern R&D, to strengthen and develop agriculture in the north.
The number of researchers employed by Northern R&D allows operational flexibility and provision of high quality solutions for the needs of the entire northern region. Northern R&D works with full cooperation from the agricultural producers in the north, the Agricultural Extension Service, and agricultural research institutions, headed by the Volcani Center (Agricultural Research Organization – ARO).
Northern R&D’s activity creates an entire circle and integrates among developing high-level biotechnological knowledge, developing applicable protocols for farmers and implementing the knowledge in the region. This unique model operates as a partnership among the R&D centers and together with the farmers and sellers allows advancement of agriculture and maintenance of a competitive, high level for the long-term.