Northern R&D employees

Northern R&D directly employs 45 permanent employees, including 12 researchers with PhDs, whose role is to advance applied research according to the professional staff guidelines, research technicians (25 positions) and administrative employees (5 positions), as well as seasonal employees according to research requirements. These employees are conducting, in 2015, about 200 research programs. Research activity in the north is conducted in partnership with researchers from the Agricultural Research Organization and Israeli universities, professional instructors and additional research bodies.

Name Email Field Position Telephone
Dr. Lior Rubinovich Subtropical crops, Quinoa Researcher 972-52-3312972
Dr. Omer Crane Wine grapes / deciduous trees Researcher 972-54-6405587
Dr Rakefet Sharon Plant protection / Entomology Researcher 972-50-7357417
Dr. Liora Shaltiel-Harpaz Plant protection / Entomology Researcher 972-50-7965272
Dr. Haim Reuveny Entomology / deciduous fruit Researcher 972-50-5280097
Dr. Mery Dafny Yelin Plant pathology Researcher 972-52-7388646
Prof. Raffi Stern Orchards Researcher 972-50-5680126
Dr. Navot Galpaz Subtropic crops, bananas Researcher 972-52-5258788
Menashe Cohen Ornamental plants Researcher 972-50-5396219
Dr. Amos Naor Water and soil Researcher 972-50-5743346
Dr. Doron Schneider Subtropic Crops Researcher 972-50-2022319
Dr. Ofer Danay Edible Mushrooms Researcher and branch head 972-52-4744802
Nir Reuven Flowers Branch head 972-52-4746333
Shimon Zait Animals, Deciduous orchards, Field Crops and Vegetables, Wine grapes Branch head 972-52-5791717
Reuven Dor Avocado, bananas, citrus, subtropic Branch head 972-50-5250262
Iris Edri Administration Administrative manager 972-50-8544131
Elkana Ben Yashar Administration Northern R&D Manager 972-50-5365823